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1 Caird Hall Dundee, Scotland Harrison and Harrison 1923 IV/50 Info
2 Canongate Kirk Edinburgh, Scotland Frobenius 1998 II/24 Info
3 Chapel of Loretto School Musselburgh, Scotland Willis / Kenneth Jones 1989 III/45 Info
4 Church of the Holy Rude Stirling, Scotland Rushworth and Dreaper 1940 IV/74 Info
5 Concert Hall, University of Glasgow Glasgow, Scotland Snetzler / MacKenzie 1747 I/17 Info
6 Dennistoun Blackfriars Parish Church Glasgow, Scotland Smith and Co 1902 II/24 Info
7 Freemason's Hall Edinburgh, Scotland Brindley and Foster / Forth 1913 III/33 Info
8 Kelvingrove Gallery Glasgow, Scotland Lewis 1901 III/55 Info
9 King's College Chapel, University of Aberdeen Aberdeen, Scotland Aubertin 2004 III/43 Info
10 McEwan Hall, University of Edinburgh Edinburgh, Scotland Hope-Jones / Forth 1897 IV/62 Info
11 Paisley Abbey Paisley, Scotland Cavaillé-Coll / Harrison and Harrison 1872 IV/98 Info
12 Partick Methodist Church Glasgow, Scotland Forster and Andrews 1886 II/15 Info
13 Reid Concert Hall, University of Edinburgh Edinburgh, Scotland Ahrend 1977 II/29 Info
14 Shettleston Old Parish Church Glasgow, Scotland Lewis and Co / H Hilsdon 1903 II/23 Info
15 St. Bride's Episcopal Church Hyndland, Scotland Hill and Son 1965 II/21 Info
16 St. Cuthbert's Church Edinburgh, Scotland Hope-Jones / JW Walker 1928 IV/64 Info
17 St. Giles Cathedral Edinburgh, Scotland Rieger 1992 III/81 Info
18 St. Giles' Cathedral Edinburgh, Scotland Harrison and Harrison / Willis 1878 III/87 Info
19 St. Margaret's Knightswood, Scotland Willis / Andrew Watt & Son 1866 II/16 Info
20 St. Mary's Episcopal Cathedral Edinburgh, Scotland Willis 1897 IV/66 Info
21 St. Mary's Metropolitan Cathedral Edinburgh, Scotland Copley 2007 III/63 Info
22 Usher Hall Edinburgh, Scotland Beard 1913 IV/66 Info
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