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1 Basilica of San Francisco Palma, Spain Grenzing 2008 III/76 Info
2 Basilica Santa Maria del Coro Donostia - San Sebastian, Spain Cavaille-Coll 1863 III/53 Info
3 Cathedral of El Pilar Zaragoza, Spain I/? Info
4 Cathedral of St. Mary Léon, Spain Klais 2013 V/89 Info
5 Cathedral Salvador de la Seo Zaragoza, Spain Rogués 1860 III/54
6 Church of Saint Martin Trujillo, Spain Chéron 17th c. I/12 Info
7 Church of Santa Quiteria Elche de la Sierra, Spain Llopis 1792 II/26 Info
8 Collegiate Church Covarrubias, Spain unknown 17th c. I/27
9 Monastery of Sant Agusti Palma de Mallorca, Spain Caimari / Grenzing 1702 II/53 Info
10 Primate Cathedral of St. Mary Toledo, Spain Verdalonga 1801 II/47
11 Royal Palace Madrid, Spain Jorge Bosch 1778 II/40 Info
12 St. Andreu (Hauptwerk model) Santanyi, Mallorca, Spain Bosch 1762 II/62 Info
13 St. Geroni Palma de Mallorca, Spain Matheu Bosch / Grenzing 1746 I/11 Info
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