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1 Church of St. Mary Helsingborg, Sweden Marcussen and Son 1959 IV/81 Info
2 Haga Church Göteborg, Sweden Brombaugh 1991 II/27 Info
3 Hedvig Eleonora Church Stockholm, Sweden Åkerman and Lund / Grönlund 1868 III/81 Info
4 Högalid Church (Choir organ) Stockholm, Sweden Kjersgaard 1984 II/20 Info
5 Kalmar Cathedral Kalmar, Sweden Tostared 2013 IV/72 Info
6 Katarina Kerk Stockholm, Sweden Akerman and Lund / van den Heuvel 1863 III/81 Info
7 Linkoping Cathedral Linkoping, Sweden Setterquist 1929 III/74 Info
8 Lulea Cathedral Norrbotten, Sweden Gronlunds 1987 III/82 Info
9 Masonic Hall Uppsala, Sweden Kjersgaard 1997 II/17 Info
10 Olaus Petri Church Örebro, Sweden Setterquist / Akerman and Lund 1913 III/49 Info
11 Olaus Petri Church Choir Organ Örebro, Sweden Hillerød 1974 II/22
12 Örgryte New Church Göteborg, Sweden GOArt 2000 IV/92 Info
13 Örgryte New Church Göteborg, Sweden Willis / Tostareds 1871 III/31 Info
14 Skara Cathedral Skara, Sweden Andersen 1964 III/46
15 St. Groan's Church Stockholm, Sweden Martensson 1987 I/?
16 St. Johannes Church Malmö, Sweden Åkerman and Lund 2008 III/27 Info
17 St. John's Church (Choir organ) Stockholm, Sweden Christensen 1967 II/25 Info
18 Västeräs Cathedral Västeräs, Sweden Åkerman and Lund / Harrison and Harrison 1898 IV/81 Info
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