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1 Asylum Hill Congregational Church Hartford, Connecticut, USA Aeolian-Skinner 1958 IV/71 Info
2 Battell Chapel, Yale University New Haven, Connecticut, USA Holtkamp 1951 IV/71 Info
3 Bushnell Memorial Hall Hartford, Connecticut, USA Austin 1929 IV/78 Info
4 Cathedral of St. Joseph Hartford, Connecticut, USA Austin 1962 IV/137 Info
5 Christ Episcopal New Haven, Connecticut, USA Aeolian-Skinner 1945 I/47 Info
6 Christ Episcopal Church Ansonia, Connecticut, USA Hutchings / Thompson-Allen 1899 III/39 Info
7 Church of the Assumption Ansonia, Connecticut, USA Midmer-Losh / Foley-Baker 1929 III/30 Info
8 Congregational Church Thompson, Connecticut, USA Johnson / Andover 1873 II/24 Info
9 Derby United Methodist Church Deby, Connecticut, USA Odell / Hamar 1868 II/22 Info
10 Dwight Chapel, Yale University New Haven, Connecticut, USA Beckerath 1971 III/54 Info
11 Federated Church of Christ Brooklyn, Connecticut, USA Stevens 1853 I/11 Info
12 First Presbyterian Church Stamford, Connecticut, USA Visser-Rowland 1991 IV/74 Info
13 Grace and Peter's Episcopal Church Hamden, Connecticut, USA Simmons / Roche 1870 II/16 Info
14 Greenville Congregational Church Norwich, Connecticut, USA Johnson 1869 II/13
15 Hampton Congregational Church, UCC Hampton, Connecticut, USA Denison Smith / Hamar 1863 I/4 Info
16 John Tarrant Kurney Hitchcock Museum (Closed) Riverton, Connecticut, USA Unknown / Hamar 1840 I/4 Info
17 Marquand Chapel, Yale University New Haven, Connecticut, USA Aeolian-Skinner 1931 III/25 Info
18 Mather Chapel - Trinity College Hartford, Connecticut, USA Austin 1971 III/79 Info
19 Sacred Heart Catholic Church Waterbury, Connecticut, USA Johnson / Hamar 1892 III/36 Info
20 Second Church of Christ, Scientist Hartford, Connecticut, USA EM Skinner / Thompson-Allen 1929 III/43 Info
21 Second Congregational Church Middle Haddam, Connecticut, USA Appleton 1827 II/17 Info
22 St. Barnabas Episcopal Church Greenwich, Connecticut, USA Richards, Fowkes and Co 1991 II/50 Info
23 St. Casimir's Catholic Church New Haven, Connecticut, USA E and GG Hook / Hamar 1874 II/26 Info
24 St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church Naugatuck, Connecticut, USA Ryder 1890 III/24 Info
25 St. John's Episcopal Church Stamford, Connecticut, USA EM Skinner / Shultz 1917 IV/34 Info
26 St. John's Episcopal Church West Hartford, Connecticut, USA Austin 1996 III/64 Info
27 St. John's Lutheran Church Stamford, Connecticut, USA Richards, Fowkes and Co 1995 III/47 Info
28 St. Joseph's Catholic Church Willimantic, Connecticut, USA Steer and Turner / Aitken 1874 II/21 Info
29 St. Justin's Church Hartford, Connecticut, USA Kilgen 1933 III/68 Info
30 St. Mark's Episcopal Church New Canaan, Connecticut, USA Austin 1961 III/49 Info
31 St. Mary's Catholic Church New Britain, Connecticut, USA Austin / Foley-Baker 1906 III/31 Info
32 St. Mary's Church New Haven, Connecticut, USA E and GG Hook 1871 III/55 Info
33 St. Paul's Episcopal Windham Center, Connecticut, USA Holbrook 1857 I/8 Info
34 St. Paul's Episcopal New Haven, Connecticut, USA Jardine / Hamar 1876 II/26 Info
35 St. Thomas of Aquinas Chapel, University of Connecticut Storrs, Connecticut, USA Steer and Turner / Hamar 1868 II/17 Info
36 The Congregational Church, UCC Killingworth, Connecticut, USA Holbrook / Hamar 1875 II/18 Info
37 The First Church of Christ New Haven, Connecticut, USA CB Fisk 1971 III/50 Info
38 Trinity Episcopal New Haven, Connecticut, USA Aeolian-Skinner / Thompson-Allen 1935 III/79 Info
39 Trinity Episcopal Church Hartford, Connecticut, USA Holtkamp / Austin 1958 III/40 Info
40 Trinity Episcopal Church Litchfield, Connecticut, USA Hall / Hull 1823 I/6 Info
41 Unitarian Universalist Church Meriden, Connecticut, USA Johnson / Geddes 1893 III/35 Info
42 United Church of Stonington Stonington, Connecticut, USA E and GG Hook / Andover 1870 II/18 Info
43 United Church of Westville New Haven, Connecticut, USA E and GG Hook 1852 II/23 Info
44 United Church on the Green New Haven, Connecticut, USA Hillebrand / Kinzey-Angerstein 1967 III/53 Info
45 United Methodist Church Litchfield, Connecticut, USA Tallman 1893 II/11 Info
46 Woolsey Hall, Yale University New Haven, Connecticut, USA EM Skinner 1928 IV/197 Info
47 Wooster School Danbury, Connecticut, USA Henderson-Wilson 1974 II/38 Info
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