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1 Alfred Parish Church Alfred, Maine, USA George Stevens / Shortridge 1848 II/11 Info
2 Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul (Gallery) Lewiston, Maine, USA Casavant 1938 IV/66 Info
3 Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul (Sanctuary) Lewiston, Maine, USA Casavant 1938 II/10 Info
4 Buckfield Community Church Buckfield, Maine, USA E and GG Hook 1850 I/11 Info
5 Cathedral of St. Luke Portland, Maine, USA EM Skinner 1928 III/40 Info
6 Centre Street Congregational Church Machias, Maine, USA George Stevens 1867 II/12 Info
7 Congregational Church UCC Cumberland, Maine, USA George Stevens / Dana Hull 1860 II/17 Info
8 Elm Street Congregational Church Bucksport, Maine, USA E and GG Hook 1863 II/13 Info
9 First Baptist Church Hallowell, Maine, USA SS Hamill ca. 1880 II/15 Info
10 First Congregational Church South Paris, Maine, USA Emmons Howard 1890 II/17 Info
11 First Congregational Church Searsport, Maine, USA EW Lane 1906 II/21 Info
12 First Congregational Church Calais, Maine, USA George Stevens 1873 II/26 Info
13 First Congregational UCC New Gloucester, Maine, USA George Stevens 1858 II/14 Info
14 First Universalist Church Auburn, Maine, USA E and GG Hook and Hastings / Faucher 1876 II/26 Info
15 High Street Congregational Church Auburn, Maine, USA EM Skinner / David E Wallace 1926 II/13 Info
16 Leeds Community Church (Presbyterian) Leeds, Maine, USA LC Tilton 1875 I/6 Info
17 North Congregational Church Groveville, Maine, USA Rufus Johnson 1854 I/5 Info
18 Sacred Heart Catholic Church Yarmouth, Maine, USA Jardine / David E Wallace 1893 II/15 Info
19 Sacred Heart Catholic Church Hallowell, Maine, USA Woodberry and Co / Andover 1905 II/8 Info
20 Second Baptist Church Bowdoinham, Maine, USA WBD Simmons and Co 1850 I/7 Info
21 Second Baptist Church Calais, Maine, USA Hutchings 1884 II/13 Info
22 South Congregational Parish Augusta, Maine, USA E and GG Hook / Andover 1866 II/25 Info
23 St. Andrew's Episcopal Church Newcastle, Maine, USA Hutchings 1888 II/16 Info
24 St. Bartholomew's Episcopal Church Yarmouth, Maine, USA Appleton / David E Wallace 1840 II/16 Info
25 St. Dominic's Catholic Church Portland, Maine, USA Hook and Hastings / Andover 1893 I/8 Info
26 St. John's Church Bangor, Maine, USA E and GG Hook 1860 III/36 Info
27 St. Patrick RC Church Lewiston, Maine, USA Hook and Hastings 1893 II/29 Info
28 Stockton Springs Community Church Stockton Springs, Maine, USA E and GG Hook 1847 I/9 Info
29 The Baptist Church Blue Hill, Maine, USA George Stevens / Andover 1867 I/9 Info
30 The Chapel, Bowdoin College Brunswick, Maine, USA Austin 1927 III/38 Info
31 The City Hall Auditorium Portland, Maine, USA Austin 1927 V/102 Info
32 The First Church in Belfast Belfast, Maine, USA George Stevens / Bozeman 1848 I/21 Info
33 The First Parish Church Brunswick, Maine, USA Hutchings, Plaisted and Co / Wallace 1883 II/23 Info
34 The United Church of Monmouth Monmouth, Maine, USA Ryder 1878 II/15 Info
35 Turner Village Church Turner, Maine, USA Erben 1848 I/8 Info
36 Unitarian-Universalist Church Saco, Maine, USA EW Lane 1901 II/14 Info
37 United Baptist Church Lewiston, Maine, USA EM Skinner 1922 III/24 Info
38 United Methodist Church Saco, Maine, USA Johnson and Son 1883 II/19 Info
39 Wayne Community Church Wayne, Maine, USA Odell / David E Wallace 1893 I/7 Info
40 Westbrook United Methodist Church Westbrook, Maine, USA E and GG Hook 1854 III/23 Info
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