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1 Bates Recital Hall, University of Texas Austin, Texas, USA Visser-Rowland 1983 IV/53 Info
2 Brentwood Trail Presbyterian Church Dallas, Texas, USA Garland 2004 IV/45 Info
3 Broadway Baptist Church Fort Worth, Texas, USA Casavant 1996 V/191 Info
4 Canyon Creek Presbyterian Church Richardson, Texas, USA Quimby 2005 III/58 Info
5 Caruth Auditorium, Southern Methodist University Dallas, Texas, USA CB Fisk 1993 III/31 Info
6 Christ the King Catholic Church Dallas, Texas, USA Juget-Sinclair 2014 III/73 Info
7 Christ the King Evangelical Lutheran Church Houston, Texas, USA Noack 1985 II/35 Info
8 Christ United Methodist Church Plano, Texas, USA Reuter 2012 IV/90 Info
9 Church of St. Thomas Aquinas Dallas, Texas, USA Schudi 1978 III/52 Info
10 Episcopal Church of the Incarnation Dallas, Texas, USA Aeolian-Skinner / Noack 1961 IV/65 Info
11 First Baptist Church Abilene, Texas, USA Nichols and Simpson 2006 IV/76 Info
12 First Baptist Church Longview, Texas, USA Aeolian-Skinner 1951 IV/85 Info
13 First Baptist Church Nacogdoches, Texas, USA Aeolian-Skinner 1953 II/22 Info
14 First Evangelical Lutheran Church Houston, Texas, USA Pasi 2014 II/23 Info
15 First Presbyterian Church Kilgore, Texas, USA Aeolian-Skinner 1949 III/60 Info
16 First Presbyterian Church Dallas, Texas, USA Jaeckel 1988 II/17 Info
17 First United Methodist Church Wichita Falls, Texas, USA Garland 2003 IV/74 Info
18 Jones Concert Hall Baylor University Waco, Texas, USA Petty-Madden 1993 IV/92 Info
19 Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church Houston, Texas, USA Schantz 2002 III/106 Info
20 Meyerson Symphony Center Dallas, Texas, USA CB Fisk 1992 IV/82 Info
21 Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church Rockwall, Texas, USA Reuter 2000 II/25 Info
22 Palmer Memorial Episcopal Church Houston, Texas, USA CB Fisk 1991 III/62 Info
23 Park Cities Baptist Church Dallas, Texas, USA Reuter 1957 IV/62 Info
24 Perkins Chapel, Southern Methodist University Dallas, Texas, USA Aeolian-Skinner / JF Dupont 2000 III/59 Info
25 Rice University, Bates Concert Hall Houston, Texas, USA Fisk-Rosales 1997 III/83 Info
26 Second Baptist Church Houston, Texas, USA Rodgers 1987 V/194 Info
27 Spring Valley United Methodist Church Dallas, Texas, USA Schoenstein 1998 III/34 Info
28 St. Andrew's Episcopal Church Amarillo, Texas, USA Aeolian-Skinner / Schoenstein 1941 IV/103 Info
29 St. Mark's Episcopal Church Beaumont, Texas, USA Aeolian-Skinner 1962 III/48 Info
30 St. Martin's Episcopal Church Houston, Texas, USA Schoenstein 2004 IV/80 Info
31 St. Michael Catholic Church Houston, Texas, USA Wicks 1964 III/41 Info
32 St. Monica Church Dallas, Texas, USA Nichols and Simpson 2014 IV/71 Info
33 St. Stephen United Methodist Church Mesquite, Texas, USA Sipe-Yarbough 1962 II/19
34 St. Theresa Catholic Church Sugar Land, Texas, USA Aeolian-Skinner / Quimby 1941 III/89 Info
35 Texas A and M International University Laredo, Texas, USA Kegg 2006 IV/69 Info
36 The Episcopal School Dallas, Texas, USA Noack 2002 II/30 Info
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