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1 Christ and St. Luke's Church Norfolk, Virginia, USA Casavant / Letourneau 1963 III/77 Info
2 Christ Episcopal Church Roanoke, Virginia, USA CB Fisk 2004 II/38 Info
3 Christ Episcopal Church Charlottesville, Virginia, USA E and GG Hook / Andover 1868 III/41 Info
4 Church of the Epiphany Danville, Virginia, USA Andover 1979 III/48 Info
5 First Presbyterian Church Waynesboro, Virginia, USA Woodberry and Harris / Andover 1893 III/40 Info
6 First Presbyterian Church Norfolk, Virginia, USA JW Walker / JW Walker 1993 III/57 Info
7 Holy Trinity Lutheran Church Lynchburg, Virginia, USA Taylor and Boody 1990 II/21 Info
8 Holy Trinity Lutheran Church (Continuo organ) Lynchburg, Virginia, USA Klop 1988 I/6 Info
9 Reveille United Methodist Church Richmond, Virginia, USA Austin 1954 III/43 Info
10 Saint Mary of the Immaculate Conception Fredericksburg, Virginia, USA Robert William Wallace 2010 III/49 Info
11 St. Luke Catholic Church McLean, Virginia, USA Steiner-Reck 1998 III/61 Info
12 St. Stephen's Episcopal Church Richmond, Virginia, USA Aeolian-Skinner 1950 IV/75 Info
13 Williamsburg Presbyterian Church Williamsburg, Virginia, USA Buzard 2005 III/39 Info
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