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1 Béla Bartók National Concert Hall Budapest, Hungary Mühleisen 2006 V/92 Info
2 Birmingham Town Hall Birmingham, England Hill / Mander 1837 V/112 Info
3 Broadway Baptist Church Fort Worth, Texas, USA Casavant 1996 V/191 Info
4 Cathedral of Messina Messina, Italy Tamburini 1949 V/220 Info
5 Cathedral of St. Mary Léon, Spain Klais 2013 V/89 Info
6 Cathedral of St. Patrick New York City, New York, USA Kilgen 1930 V/150 Info
7 Cathedral of Würzburg Würzburg, Bavaria, Germany Klais 1969 V/130 Info
8 Christ United Methodist Church Rochester, Minnesota, USA Sipe 1983 V/64 Info
9 Church of St. Sulpice Paris, France Cavaillé-Coll 1862 V/128 Info
10 Church of the Heavenly Rest New York City, New York, USA Austin / Konzelman 1995 V/145 Info
11 Church of the Holy Family New York City, New York, USA Turner 1996 V/76 Info
12 Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal Cincinnati, Ohio, USA EM Skinner 1929 V/102 Info
13 Concert Hall, Sydney Opera House Sydney, Australia Sharp 1979 V/200 Info
14 Copenhagen Cathedral Copenhagen, Denmark Marcussen and Son 1995 V/126 Info
15 Davies Symphony Hall San Francisco, California, USA Ruffatti 1984 V/147 Info
16 First Baptist Church Jackson, Mississippi, USA Quimby 2004 V/155 Info
17 First Congregational Church Long Beach, California, USA Moller / Harris 1956 V/70 Info
18 Garden Grove Community Church (Crystal Cathedral) Garden Grove, California, USA Ruffatti 1977 V/200 Info
19 Grace Cathedral San Francisco, California, USA Aeolian-Skinner 1934 V/125 Info
20 Hollywood United Methodist Church Hollywood, California, USA Casavant / Williamson 1930 V/70 Info
21 International Touring Organ , Marshall and Ogletree 2014 V/? Info
22 Jasper and Marian Sanfilippo Residence Barrington Hills, Illinois, USA Wurlitzer V/80 Info
23 La Grave Avenue Christian Reformed Church Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA Austin / Allen 1996 V/108 Info
24 Liverpool Cathedral Liverpool, England Willis 1923 V/181 Info
25 Melbourne Town Hall Melbourne, Australia Hill, Norman and Beard 1929 V/111 Info
26 Memorial Church (Gedachtniskirche der Protestation) Stuttgart, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany Steinmeyer / Kleuker 1979 V/142 Info
27 Mormon Tabernacle Salt Lake City, Utah, USA Aeolian-Skinner / Schoenstein 1947 V/206 Info
28 Naval Academy Chapel Annapolis, Maryland, USA Hutchins / Moller 1908 V/268 Info
29 Notre-Dame Cathedral Paris, France Cavaille-Coll 1864 V/153 Info
30 Ocean Grove Auditorium Ocean Grove, New Jersey, USA Hope-Jones 1908 V/165 Info
31 Portuguese Institute of San Antonio Rome, Italy Mascioni 2008 V/82 Info
32 Riverside Church New York City, New York, USA Aeolian-Skinner 1964 V/204 Info
33 Second Baptist Church Houston, Texas, USA Rodgers 1987 V/194 Info
34 St Bartholomew's Church New York City, New York, USA Aeolian-Skinner 1967 V/225 Info
35 St. Ann and the Holy Trinity Episcopal Church Brooklyn Heights, New York, USA EM Skinner 1925 V/72 Info
36 St. Eustache Paris, France van den Heuvel 1988 V/147 Info
37 St. Francois Lausanne, Switzerland Walker / Kuhn 1866 V/101 Info
38 St. George's Minster Doncaster, England Schulze 1862 V/116 Info
39 St. Joseph's Oratory Montréal, Quebec, Canada Beckerath 1960 V/117 Info
40 St. Joseph's Oratory Montréal, Quebec, Canada Beckerath / Juget-Sinclair 1960 V/117 Info
41 St. Leodegar Luzerne, Switzerland Geissler / Kuhn 1977 V/144 Info
42 St. Luke's Episcopal Church Atlanta, Georgia, USA Austin / Cornel Zimmer 1999 V/116 Info
43 St. Mary's Church Lubeck, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany Kemper 1968 V/159 Info
44 St. Paul's Cathedral London, England Willis / Mander 1977 V/132 Info
45 St. Stephan Cathedral Passau, Bavaria, Germany Eisenbarth 1978 V/233 Info
46 The City Hall Auditorium Portland, Maine, USA Austin 1927 V/102 Info
47 Trinity Cathedral Dresden, Germany Silbermann 1755 V/67 Info
48 University of Florida Gainesville, Florida, USA EM Skinner / Reuter 1924 V/99 Info
49 Walsall Town Hall Walsall, England Nicholson and Lord / Mander 1908 V/63 Info
50 Wooddale Church Eden Prairie, Minnesota, USA Visser-Rowland 1991 V/114 Info
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