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1 All Saints Episcopal Church Worcester, Massachusetts, USA Aeolian-Skinner 1932 IV/125 Info
2 Altenberg Abbey Altenberg, Germany Klais 1986 IV/124 Info
3 Auditorium of Reorganized Church of Latter Day Saints Independence, Missouri, USA Aeolian-Skinner 1959 IV/113 Info
4 Basilica Notre-Dame-du-Cap Cap-de-la-Madeleine, Quebec, Canada Casavant 1964 IV/114 Info
5 Basilique Notre-Dame Montréal, Quebec, Canada Casavant 1890 IV/122 Info
6 Birmingham Town Hall Birmingham, England Hill / Mander 1837 V/112 Info
7 Brick Presbyterian Church New York City, New York, USA Austin 1963 IV/110 Info
8 Brick Presbyterian Church New York, New York, USA Casavant 2005 IV/118 Info
9 Calvary Episcopal Church Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA Casavant 1963 IV/137 Info
10 Cathedral of Our Lady Munich, Germany Jann 1993 IV/136 Info
11 Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels Los Angeles, California, USA Dobson 2003 IV/105 Info
12 Cathedral of Saint John the Divine New York City, New York, USA Aeolian-Skinner 1954 IV/139 Info
13 Cathedral of SS. Peter and Paul Providence, Rhode Island, USA Casavant 1972 IV/125 Info
14 Cathedral of St. Bavo Haarlem, Netherlands Adema / Schreurs 1923 IV/106 Info
15 Cathedral of St. Joseph Hartford, Connecticut, USA Austin 1962 IV/137 Info
16 Cathedral of St. Mary Riga, Latvia Walcker / Flentrop 1883 IV/148 Info
17 Cathedral of St. Mary and St. John Schwerin, Germany Ladegast / Schuke 1871 IV/107 Info
18 Cathedral of St. Patrick New York City, New York, USA Kilgen 1930 V/150 Info
19 Cathedral of the Assumption of Mary (Main organ) Hildesheim, Germany Seifert 2015 IV/118 Info
20 Cathedral of the Holy Cross Boston, Massachusetts, USA Hook and Hastings 1875 III/101 Info
21 Cathedral of Würzburg Würzburg, Bavaria, Germany Klais 1969 V/130 Info
22 Cathedrale Notre-Dame Reims, France Gonzalez 1938 IV/105 Info
23 Christ Church Cranbrook Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, USA EM Skinner / Mander 1927 IV/110 Info
24 Church of St. Etienne-du-Mont Paris, France Beuchet-Debierre 1956 IV/107 Info
25 Church of St. Sulpice Paris, France Cavaillé-Coll 1862 V/128 Info
26 Church of the Ascension New York City, New York, USA Quoirin 2010 IV/111 Info
27 Church of the Gesu Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA Schantz 2010 IV/116 Info
28 Church of the Heavenly Rest New York City, New York, USA Austin / Konzelman 1995 V/145 Info
29 Church of the Transfiguration Orleans, Massachusetts, USA EM Skinner / Barden IV/150 Info
30 Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal Cincinnati, Ohio, USA EM Skinner 1929 V/102 Info
31 Copenhagen Cathedral Copenhagen, Denmark Marcussen and Son 1995 V/126 Info
32 Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA Ruffatti 1974 IV/117 Info
33 Davies Symphony Hall San Francisco, California, USA Ruffatti 1984 V/147 Info
34 Downside Abbey Downside, England Compton 1931 IV/142 Info
35 Duke Chapel, Duke University Durham, North Carolina, USA Flentrop 1976 IV/102 Info
36 East 91st Street Christian Church Indianapolis, Indiana, USA Schantz 1992 IV/102 Info
37 East Liberty Presbyterian Church Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA Aeolian-Skinner 1931 IV/108 Info
38 First Presbyterian Church Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA Reuter 2000 IV/113 Info
39 First Presbyterian Church Atlanta, Georgia, USA Moller / Zimmer 1969 IV/105 Info
40 First United Methodist Church San Diego, California, USA Blackinton 1989 IV/107 Info
41 Francis Winspear Centre for Music Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Letourneau 2002 IV/122 Info
42 Girard College Chapel Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA EM Skinner 1933 IV/106 Info
43 Grace Cathedral San Francisco, California, USA Aeolian-Skinner 1934 V/125 Info
44 Hallgrimskirkja Reykjavik, Iceland Klais 1992 IV/101 Info
45 Herkules-Saal Munich, Germany Steinmeyer 1962 IV/113 Info
46 Hill Auditorium, University of Michigan Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA Aeolian-Skinner 1955 IV/123 Info
47 Holy Trinity Cathedral Liepaja, Latvia Contius / Hermann 1779 IV/131 Info
48 Holy Trinity Church Kingston upon Hull, England Forster and Andrews / Compton 1937 IV/104 Info
49 Hong Kong Cultural Center Hong Kong, China Rieger 1989 IV/130 Info
50 Hull City Hall Hull, England Forster and Andrews / Rushworth and Dreaper 1911 IV/126 Info
51 Jack Singer Concert Hall Calgary, Alberta, Canada Casavant 1987 IV/111 Info
52 John Hays Hammond Castle Gloucester, Massachusetts, USA Aeolian-Skinner 1941 IV/120 Info
53 Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts Kansas City, Missouri, USA Casavant 2011 IV/102 Info
54 Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA Dobson 2007 IV/124 Info
55 Kreuzekirche Dresden, Germany Jehmlich 1963 IV/125 Info
56 La Grave Avenue Christian Reformed Church Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA Austin / Allen 1996 V/108 Info
57 Laurenskerk Rotterdam, Netherlands Marcussen and Son 1973 IV/150 Info
58 Longwood Gardens Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, USA Aeolian 1929 IV/146 Info
59 Magdeburg Cathedral Magdeburg, Germany Schuke 2008 IV/117 Info
60 Marktkirche Wiesbaden, Hesse, Germany Walcker / Hielscher 1863 IV/112 Info
61 Maurice Ravel Auditorium Lyon, France Cavaille-Coll / Aubertin 1878 IV/124 Info
62 Melbourne Town Hall Melbourne, Australia Hill, Norman and Beard 1929 V/111 Info
63 Memorial Chapel, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Louisville, Kentucky, USA Aeolian-Skinner 1963 IV/113
64 Memorial Church (Gedachtniskirche der Protestation) Stuttgart, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany Steinmeyer / Kleuker 1979 V/142 Info
65 Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church Houston, Texas, USA Schantz 2002 III/106 Info
66 Merseburg Cathedral Merseburg, Germany Ladegast / Wegscheider 1855 IV/111 Info
67 Methuen Music Hall Methuen, Massachusetts, USA Aeolian-Skinner 1947 IV/112 Info
68 Monastery of St. Florian St. Florian, Austria Krismann / Kogler 1774 IV/118 Info
69 Mormon Tabernacle Salt Lake City, Utah, USA Austin 1915 IV/146 Info
70 National Presbyterian Church Washington, DC, USA Aeolian-Skinner 1968 IV/104 Info
71 Northrup Auditorium, University of Minnesota Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA Aeolian-Skinner 1935 IV/109
72 Norwich Cathedral Norwich, England Hill / Norman and Beard 1991 IV/104 Info
73 Old South Church Boston, Massachusetts, USA EM Skinner 1920 IV/123 Info
74 Princeton University Chapel Princeton, New Jersey, USA EM Skinner / Mander 1928 IV/135 Info
75 Reorganized Church of Latter Day Saints Peace Temple Independence, Missouri, USA Casavant 1993 IV/102 Info
76 Royal Festival Hall London, England Harrison and Harrison 1950 IV/124 Info
77 Shadyside Presbyterian Church Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA Reuter 1995 IV/105 Info
78 Southern College of Seventh-Day Adventists, Ackerman Recital Hall Collegedale, Tennessee, USA Brombaugh / Richards, Fowkes & Co 1986 IV/108 Info
79 St. Andrew Lutheran Church Mahtomedi, Minnesota, USA Casavant / Schantz 2001 IV/118 Info
80 St. Andrew's Episcopal Church Amarillo, Texas, USA Aeolian-Skinner / Schoenstein 1941 IV/103 Info
81 St. Eustache Paris, France van den Heuvel 1988 V/147 Info
82 St. Francois Lausanne, Switzerland Walker / Kuhn 1866 V/101 Info
83 St. George's Minster Doncaster, England Schulze 1862 V/116 Info
84 St. Joseph's Cathedral Buffalo, New York, USA E and GG Hook / Andover 1877 IV/101 Info
85 St. Joseph's Oratory Montréal, Quebec, Canada Beckerath 1960 V/117 Info
86 St. Joseph's Oratory Montréal, Quebec, Canada Beckerath / Juget-Sinclair 1960 V/117 Info
87 St. Louis Cathedral Basilica St. Louis, Missouri, USA Kilgen / Wicks 1949 IV/121 Info
88 St. Luke's Episcopal Church Atlanta, Georgia, USA Austin / Cornel Zimmer 1999 V/116 Info
89 St. Luke's Episcopal Church Dixon, Illinois, USA Howell 1948 IV/102 Info
90 St. Mark's Episcopal Shreveport, Louisiana, USA Aeolian-Skinner 1957 IV/102 Info
91 St. Matthew's Church Berlin, Germany Siefert / Sauer 1958 IV/113 Info
92 St. Patrick's Church Fremantle, Australia Bellsham / South Island 1988 IV/109 Info
93 St. Paul's Anglican Church Toronto, Canada Casavant 1955 IV/119 Info
94 St. Paul's Cathedral London, England Willis / Mander 1977 V/132 Info
95 St. Peter's Cathedral Bremen, Germany Sauer 1894 IV/126 Info
96 Stiftsbasilika Waldsassen, Bavaria, Germany Brandenstein / Jann 1989 VI/103 Info
97 Temple Emanu-El New York City, New York, USA Casavant 1929 IV/108 Info
98 The City Hall Auditorium Portland, Maine, USA Austin 1927 V/102 Info
99 The Episcopal Church of Bethesda-by-the-Sea Palm Beach, Florida, USA Austin 2000 IV/109 Info
100 Trinity Church Boston, Massachusetts, USA EM Skinner 1962 III/117 Info
101 University of Chicago Rockefeller Chapel Chicago, Illinois, USA Skinner 1928 IV/110 Info
102 University of Chicago, Rockefeller Chapel Chicago, Illinois, USA EM Skinner / Schantz 1928 IV/132 Info
103 Valparaiso University Chapel Valparaiso, Indiana, USA Schlicker / Dobson 1959 IV/101 Info
104 Vassar Chapel, Vassar College Poughkeepsie, New York, USA Gress-Miles / Foley-Baker 1967 IV/106 Info
105 Walt Disney Concert Hall Los Angeles, California, USA Rosales-Glatter-Götz 2004 IV/109 Info
106 Wanamaker Auditorium New York City, New York, USA Austin / Wanamaker 1920 IV/118 Info
107 War Memorial Auditorium Worcester, Massachusetts, USA Kimball 1933 IV/107 Info
108 West End United Methodist Church Nashville, Tennessee, USA Moller 1983 IV/115 Info
109 Winchester Cathedral Winchester, England Willis / Harrison and Harrison 1851 IV/108 Info
110 Wooddale Church Eden Prairie, Minnesota, USA Visser-Rowland 1991 V/114 Info
111 York Minster York, England JW Walker 1960 IV/103 Info
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